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The History

Cow Protection Foundation “Mother” was founded in 2014. Its creation was preceded by the organization of the farm «Mother», situated in the south of Kiev region in Skvirsky area in the village Small Lisovtsy in Ukraine. With the development of our farm, we have come to realize that a holistic approach can be achieved through the joint efforts of society, through the effective operation of the Fund for the protection of mother-cows. Therefore, the protection of cows can not be achieved by a single person or a single farm. This is the task of the whole society, its ideological and economic model. And the more people take part in it, the more lives of these sentient beings will be saved.

Our charitable foundation raises funds and buys cows from the villagers or exchange aged cows for young ones, thus eliminating the need to take the cows to the slaughterhouse. Expansion of these activities is a sure sign of a new era, ousting the era of lies, hatred and hypocrisy that once began with the killing of cows.

The main objectives of the fund

  • Support and development of projects to protect the cows and taking care of them;
  • Practical application of ethical standards of farming;
  • The production of milk and dairy products, based on the humane treatment of land and cows;
  • Development of programs for the implementation of organic farming;
  • Financial support and the promotion of non-violent life and keeping of animals – cows, bulls and calves;
  • The organization of training, seminars & exhibitions;
  • The publication of literature in order to broadcast and promote the new ecological culture based on protection of the cows and land;
  • Promoting lacto-vegetarianism;
  • Creation of sustainable communities;
  • The organization of self-sufficient farms and households with a full life-cycle maintenance and care of animals.

From time immemorial the cow was the mother-nurse of the human race, the personification of fertility, abundance and prosperity. World traditions are honoring cows and bulls, restraining from their killing. People of the ancient Trypillia, also known as the Tripolye culture (c. 5200 to 3500 BC) whose territories are connected with Ukraine, had the sanctuaries of the Bull or Veles, who was depicted as a bull-man with horns and considered the son of the heavenly Cow…

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To finance the purchase of land for grazing and growing fodder. Participate in the purchases of cows, bulls and calves from individuals or from the factory, preventing sending them to a slaughterhouse. You can also take a custody of a particular calf or cow. To make a donation to ensure a safer life on the farm: arrangement of cowsheds, cottages for calves, fencing of pastures by the electric fence system …

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The life-activity of the eco-farm “Mother” is dedicated to caring for cows, bulls and calves, and their protection. We are engaged in various activities: arranging cowsheds, cottages for livestock, fencing of pastures with the “electric fence” system, harvesting food for our dear cows (grass, hay, straw etc.), feeding animals, providing veterinary assistance. We voluntary collect…

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